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SafeInsure Alpha Platform is now live

By Rafał - 2019-07-23

Safeinsure is at the cutting edge of industry and technology, as its goal is to combine the Insurance market with blockchain for daily uses.
The existing Insurance industry is massive, with over $1.2 Trillion paid in the United States alone. For an industry this large, there are several problems and inefficiencies that prove very costly for both the providers and customers. These problems include one-size-fits-all plans, fraud, and lengthy paper trails.
After several months of active development, the SINS team is glad to announce the release of the SINS Platform in Alpha version. The team worked hard to bring all tools in only one place to ensure the ease of use and the best user experience toward the platform. The next major move for the platform is to integrate the web wallet as well as more unique features and tools to fit users need.
In the long run , the SafeInsure platform will be a place where users can enter their information and insurance needs. This information will be sent to providers, who will then send individualized plans back to the user. These plans will be paid using the SafeInsure coin. The SINS team’s vision is still to build a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing equitable price discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers worldwide.
In that way, the team reached several key players in that field for potential partnerships , often hard to tackle and now works hard to overcome the problem with insurance API providers.
For the upcoming times , the team is completely re evaluating the options and the best path to accomplish the defined objectives and reach mainstream adoption.
You can find the alpha version of the platform directly at https://app.safeinsure.io/user/register