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SafeInsure launches SafeCapital, a new collateral lock-in currency

By Inkarias - 2019-11-13

SafeInsure project was initially launched on September 18,2018 with the vision to to build a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing fair and equitable price discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers across the entire worldi and in the hands of every investor. After over 1 year, the team has decided to launch a new innovative vision within the masternode sector: SCAP.

SafeCapital – SCAP Introduction and SafeInsurance status

In short, this newly launched SCAP currency is the first coin offering a collateral lock feature for a defined period of time. The whole spirit around SafeCapital is built on an innovative system offering a new way to enhance masternode possibilities.
SafeCapital, in that way, locks masternodes collateral for a year, keeping value in the system, which, in turn, creates better financial opportunities for ecosystem participants.
According to the team, SINS project will still continue to be developed and won’t be abandoned with this newest release. To explain that decision, the core team of SINS has tried in the first phase to get in touch with the big insurance companies, but these companies did not want to make the first steps towards blockchain technology yet. The team is still currently looking to build some important partnerships in that field to bring use cases for the SCAP currency in the insurance market.
Finally, all users wishing to swap their SINS for the new SCAP coins will be able to do it in order to build new masternodes.
You can read all details about SafeCapital project in the official whitepaper or at the official website www.safecapital.io