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SafeInsure New Mobile Wallet V.1.0.1 Release

By Rafał - 2019-07-12

The SafeInsure team recently announced the newest release of the SafeInsure Mobile Wallet v.1.0.1 in beta version. The future plans from the team towards this release is to have it tested by users and launch the production version only after getting all the feedback from the community and testers.

SafeInsure Mobile Wallet is a simple, robust and straight forward mobile wallet that it's prepared to accommodate any future features and tools. As the underlying goal of any coin in the crypto market, adoption is very important and with the release of the first version of the SINS mobile wallet, the project made the first step to reach global adoption in the field of insurances. During the first phase, the wallet will be oriented for every day’s use and further development will be focused on linking the wallet to the SafeInsure existing platform.


In the meantime, the SINS team is actively working to bring more features and improvements and shared their roadmap for short and mid-term:

  • Development of a new section where users can check market data and price info.

  • Focus on a full decentralized ecosystem

  • News and update notification feature

If you wish to participate in the beta testing and share your feedback, you can directly download the wallet at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sinswallet
More information about the release and SafeInsure on the official website https://www.safeinsure.io/