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Sebastian Berger, Luxgate developer introduction

By Inkarias - 2019-10-25

Luxcore has recently introduced the first edition of the monthly “Meet the Team” article where users will be able to learn more about the persons who compose the Luxcore team. Over the upcoming months, the team will go more in depth about the faces behind Luxcore, asking questions about their backgrounds, what they are working on at Luxcore, and other general questions. The first person to be introduced in this series is Sebastian, Luxgate developer in the project.

As Sebastian shared, flying was very fascinating to him and he decided to start the related studies. The problem was, that there was a lecture about programming. From this point on, he was more interested in improving his coding skills than learning all the aviation stuff. After joining the Luxcore team, he completely quitted the studies to fully focus on the web wallet and all the other stuff to continue in this way. Sebastian has been mainly focusing on developing wallets at start, from December 2017 to April 2018, offering a new and convenient web wallet for the community. Even if the wallet isn’t perfect now, a lot of users have been able to benefit from it.

Finally, in mid-2018, he took the decision to develop an explorer from scratch, because the previous open source explorer had long indexing time and not much information. After building the new block explorer, he started working on Luxgate, his main activity now.

Lux Gate status

The beta testing for Luxgate is going well. The different beta testers that were chosen to participate have really been working hard and the team has already implemented several patches that fix issues related to the new features. Sebastian hopes to open this opportunity to more beta testers soon and get even more feedback.