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SexyCam exit scam

By Rafał - 2019-02-16

SexyCam website and discord channel were deleted. We informed one month ago about our concerns about this project in this article: https://mastersofnodes.com/is-sexycam-a-scam and unfortunately, SexyCam is SexySCAM...
SexyCam chart
It is not very sexy chart...
Quick reminder, what was wrong with SexyCam? First of all copied website and wallet design from other project - Altbet. Second, ban on discord everyone who ask about that.
It is highly doubtful that something happened to SexyCam website server and discord channel in the same time so it is obvious exit scam. Price of SXY coins dropped 85% on Cryptobridge to 205 satoshi. Presale price was 75000 sat.
Remember, always do your own research before you invest in any coin!