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SINOVATE and Manganorobot introduce a new partnership for real-word usage

By RafaƂ - 2020-02-12

The core team of the Sinovate project is glad to announce the new partnership with Manganorobot, a Turin-based company specialized in the industrial automation market since the end 1990s. Founded by Brothers Daniele and Claudio Mangano, Manganorobot offers specialist services in various areas such as support for industrial robots programming, technical support and development for software PLC, training and general advices and studies regarding automated system management and setup. This collaboration represents a significant landmark for SIN, as the decentralized cloud storage and document authentication solutions will be adopted for real-world usage for the first time. Manganorobot is currently an important leader in the automation sector and works closely alongside a multitude of world-class, high-performance car manufacturers, including Ferrari, Audi, and Jaguar.

An unprecedent use-case for Sinovate ecosystem

The end-goal is to use the SINOVATE blockchain in many areas of Manganorobot business, especially in the initial phase of a new automated system project, during the offline programming and simulation process. At this stage, many revisions and transfers of large files are sent to engineers for control and approval, as well as a series of technical checks, including external collaborators.
During the commissioning phase, the technicians modify and test robots. Depending on customer requests, movement programs are also created and finalized. With Sinovate new technology services implemented in the existing, the company will not only avoid errors but will also further reduce costs, thus optimizing the quality and service provided to the customer, both in economic and reliability terms. Sinovate I.D.S Stage-1 will be implemented in 2020, at which point Manganorobot will officially integrate the first working product before implemeting unlimited sending and storage of data through Level 5 Private Networking implementation set to occur during the third quarter of 2022.
More details on this major partnership at https://sinovate.io/