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SINOVATE announces a new opportunity for mid-2020

By Rafał - 2019-12-09

At the end of May 2020, around 500 new node places will open up with a very high ROI, including in the best cases the IDS-Step-1, a huge a step towards real adoption with a real use-case. For reminder, Incorruptible Data Storage is an innovative private network mechanism for sending, storing, and verifying encrypted data files. The I.D.S (Step-1) feature uses the ‘LITTLE SIN’ Infinity Node Layer and blockchain architecture to process and store data files. The feature can be accessed from the user interface of the Core Qt SINOVATE Wallet and Mobile Wallets.

The first-year cycle of nodes was needed for the adaptation of the security and stability of the infinity nodes. With the current market situations, some unhappy members sold all their assets without seeing forward the underlying benefits of holding SIN coins for the future. Some of the early adopters from mining either made nodes and sold their rewards or sold their coins without making a node. Sinovate’s team vision is to bring tireless efforts to ensure the brightest future for the currency in the next years, and for the masternode network in general. For example, keeping a VPS fee of as low as 1$ by month is one of the objectives set for the upcoming years and it will be possible to steadily increase audience of Sinovate across the world , bringing innovative solutions for everyone across the world and at the lowest costs. The team plans to solve the inflation once and for all in time, and there won't be any additional coins entering the supply yearly even though the blockchain will reward the node owners, making SIN coins precious in a couple of years and as scarce as what is Bitcoin now.

More details on this new announcement at https://sinovate.io/