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SINOVATE HCO and 1-Click Node SetUP - passive income access without technical barriers

By Inkarias - 2020-12-02

As we mentioned in our previous article, infinity nodes are an efficient and sustainable solution to generate long-term passive income while actively participating in the growth of the project. Although this aspect is innovative and easy to take in hand for a part of the population, the others yet come up against the technical barriers which can be presented to them when setting up an infinity node. Between the installation of a node and that of a VPS with all the associated daily management to generate income, some users do not take full advantage of the possibilities available to them by joining the SINOVATE community and being active holders of the currency. One year after the launch of this solution, the SINOVATE project is now celebrating this first anniversary by offering a marketing campaign accessible to all: SINOVATE HODL Coin Offering.

HCO in details and how to benefit from it


This marketing campaign is the result of a governance proposal that has been widely accepted and even adopted by the community in its entirety. Thanks to this program, all users, whatever their technical knowledge, will simply be able to benefit from and enjoy all the benefits of the project and its vision. This campaign has already started since the next implementation of the network upgrade AURORA and will be accessible for a total duration of 75 days. The only rule that applies for participation is to lock SIN coins during a specific period. In order to be able to integrate this campaign and benefit from income from it, users can simply click on the “Earn” tab already present within the SINOVATE GUI wallet and which will soon be added to the mobile versions for more ease of use and to reach a wider audience. Of course, for those without infinity nodes active, it is not necessary to keep the wallet open once the lock period has been chosen.

Several periods are available for users, rewarding longer-term holders:

- A period of 3 months for 3% of annual income

- A period of 6 months for 6% of annual income

- A period of 1 year for 15% of annual income

As this program is the result of a governance proposal, all payments will be made from the development funds wallet which will be used to sustain available funds without however impacting the market or the circulation of currency within the crypto market. 

Finally, some limits are still placed to avoid any abuse of the reward system. Investors and participants in this program will be limited to 75,000 locked SINs, with the impossibility of cancellation and the need to wait until the maturity date of the lock period to receive rewards. Most importantly, transactions received outside of the schedule set by the program will not be counted in it.

1-Click Node SetUP

In general, as we mentioned above, networks based on a masternode system can be complicated to learn for users who are not used to managing a VPS or tools requiring a minimum of technical knowledge. Over the years, this problem has been solved by many service providers that have emerged, offering full management of masternodes at a lower cost and without particular constraints except a monthly fee often in the form of a percentage deducted from rewards or potentially challenging to contact support in case of urgent need. On the other hand, the delegation of the management of crypto assets such as SINOVATE or other projects to third parties can thus pose a significant trust problem for the long term. In general, it is much easier to have a minimum of trust in the team leading a project that you are supporting rather than an external entity that is sometimes little known or has no long-standing reputation.

With this in mind, the SINOVATE project team made available to the community the “SetUP” functionality https://setup.sinovate.io.

This feature greatly simplifies the implementation of masternodes in just a few clicks and at lower costs. All of the documentation available to help with the deployment of a new node can be found at https://docs.sinovate.io.

SINOVATE 1-Click Node SetUP
In-Wallet SINOVATE 1-Click Node SetUP

By using this method to deploy nodes through the SetUP tool, SINOVATE users and investors can easily manage their passive income from a single easy-to-use interface. The platform is intuitive, designed to meet the needs of SIN currency holders and offers a high level of security to ensure unparalleled reliability, including the ability to implement two-factor identification for maximum protection. Besides, the state-of-the-art interface offers investors real-time updating with the best tools to take full advantage of the benefits of infinity nodes. Direct access to the integrated support and ticketing solution also ensures a high level of investor satisfaction for the deployment of new nodes across the network.

To conclude the presentation of this new feature, it remains accessible to everyone with several entry prices available. 

- 1 month of Infinity Node hosting: Set at 4.79 $ monthly

- 6 months of Infinity Node hosting: Set at 4.49 $ monthly

- 12 months of Infinity Node hosting: Set at $ 2.99 monthly which represents the most exciting offer for the supporters seeing the long-term vision and potential with the SINOVATE project.

This solution is offered to everyone regardless of financial or technical capacity. It is in line with facilitating access and adoption of crypto-currencies and mainly the SINOVATE currency to benefit the most significant number of investors and supporters in the long-run. SINOVATE 1-Click in-wallet node setuP is by far the easiest and fastest node setup in the industry.

The information on the and associated features can be read on the official website at https://sinovate.io.