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SINOVATE project will hard fork to fix network issues?

By RafaƂ - 2019-12-22

With the settings implemented at the beginning of the SIN project, there is a current limit of 375 nodes each in three tiers. Some members are still using the very old SIN core wallets (already removed from github by the team), accidentally or on purpose, burnt and made new nodes for more. These actions have generated an instability for the network and the nodes for some of the node owners and also put the excessive nodes at a high risk. The team is aware that unhappy node owners' number will increase with time and is considering all the solutions to solve the associated problems.

A hard fork to solve the problems and upcoming vote

The team shared two possible solutions to overcome these issues and both require a hard fork (mandatory upgrade and start alias of the nodes). The first one is to increase the limit of the nodes, but this will bring the risk of having the same issue again for network instability of some of the nodes, and another hard fork will be needed which is a very time and resource-consuming process for a cryptocurrency project.

The second possibility is to remove the limit of the nodes to solve this problem for good. This will reduce the minimum guaranteed interest but will allow for more nodes, which will provide less circulating supply and fewer emissions. Since there is always a new cycle every 12 months, the beginnings and ends of every cycle will provide high ROI for the node owners. In order to pick the best choice for the future, the team is organizing a community vote for removing the limit of the nodes or not.

The community can either chose to stay on an unstable network or upgrade to definitively solve the current problems.

More details about SINOVATE at https://sinovate.io/