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SINOVATE publicly releases its new roadmap V3

By Rafał - 2019-11-12

Sinovate team has shared today its new roadmap stating all the future objectives and major milestone for the end of this year until 2024. The main wishes specified in the roadmap are oriented toward a greater transparency and communication with the community (with financial statements and frequent general weekly and monthly reports) as well as the integration of several keys technologies and features to improve the existing SIN ecosystem.

The different objectives introduced by the team cover a wide variety of sectors inside the Sinovate network.


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— SINOVATE (@SinovateChain) November 11, 2019

The roadmap in details

December 2019:

  • Hardware wallets integration with Trezor and Ledger
  • New sinovate wallet release for mainnet
  • Increase in the sin transaction fees (in order to control supply and lower emission)
  • Mobile wallet releases for both android and iOS devices
  • Whitepaper update with the V3 which contains around 120 pages

Q1 2020 :

  • Deterministic nodes infrastructure setup with deterministic list and rewards
  • A whitepaper to explain deterministic infinity nodes in a technical manner
  • Blockchain Summit in Istanbul
  • May will be a special month with the IBO ( Initial burn offering ) introduction with a maximum of 135 million SIN destroyed.

Q2 2020 :

  • Big data management with Infinity Nodes
  • Introduction of IDS , Incorruptible Data storage
  • RVSE governance implementation
  • Addition of Schnorr signatures
  • Node rewards reduction

For further periods, the team aims to develop the communication around the project through various social platforms to increase Sinovate audience. One of the major milestones specified by the Sinovate team is the official InfiniteChain mainnet activation wbich is planned to arrive during Q1 2021. The complete list of features to be introduced is large and not limited to the elements stated above.

The complete list of objectives is available at https://sinovate.io/roadmapv3.pdf