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SmartCash establishes its first ATM in Portugal and announces upcoming release of version 1.2.8

By Rafał - 2019-01-31

SmarCash is moving ahead with its goal of mass adoption in mind and is continuing to expand its horizon. SmarCash has established its First BitugaX ATM machine in Coimbra, Portugal. Other than that, SmartCash is also available at 11 bitcsuisse ATM locations in Switzerland.

The first SmartCash ATM machine is now operational in Portugal. We hope it's the first of many to come. https://t.co/3duOwKM3u2#SmartCash $smart #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #blockchain #fintech pic.twitter.com/6uM7g2Dywy

— SmartCash (@scashofficial) January 29, 2019

Mandatory update

SmartCash has also announced the upcoming release of version 1.2.8 which will include a mandatory update for SmartNode operators. Stress test on the network has proven that quality of the nodes is rather much more important factor than number of nodes to ensure reliable, robust, efficient and resilient network.
Therefore, this new update is being released to:
1. improve the performance and efficiency of the SmartNode network (servers),
2. Rebalance the economic incentives and staking amount and,
3. Improve the overall on-chain transaction capacity of the network.
The new version will change the collateral requirement for SmartNode from 10,000 SMART to 100,000 SMART, thus consolidating the collateral requirements at a rate of 10:1 and revising the frequency of payment interval.
Two-week upgrade period will be granted to the SmartNode operators to upgrade to the latest SmartCash version 1.2.8 after which the collateral amount will be adjusted and users with 10,000 SMART will no longer be eligible to receive incentives (block rewards). Users and exchanges running litemode will receive an automatic implementation and are not required to update their wallet.
For more information, visit:
or join SmarCash discord channel here https://discord.smartcash.cc/