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SmartHub App Alpha has been pushed on google play

By Inkarias - 2019-11-28

SmartCash is a community-driven cryptocurrency built on the zerocash protocol, offering privacy, and some innovative solutions including a well-known wallet. Since few months, the SmartCash core team has worked hard to bring the SmartHub available for everyone and for every device. The team has recently announced the addition of the app directly in google play which is available here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/cc.smartcash.smarthub. While this version is still in alpha phase, this integration to google play will allow the community to test the different features and report any bug they could find.

Our SmartHub app is now LIVE, fresh out of BETA. Go ahead and try it out! https://t.co/hMsUV1m0AC$smart #smartcash #smarthub #cryptocurrency #crypto #blockchain #fintech #bitcoin

— SmartCash (@scashofficial) November 27, 2019

The smarthub will bring all the benefits of SmartCash directly in a single device and app. The users will be able to enjoy the ability to use Smartcard, wallet, explorer and more useful features already implemented in the SmartCash ecosystem. 

The goal of this new release is to simplify the whole sale process for general adoption by centralizing several important features mandatory for businesses. Merchants currently need to use several apps to be able to accept it and manage it correctly. With the current state, it is almost impossible to reach a bigger audience of merchants and customers without improving the possibilities associated with the wallet while reducing the complexity of the task. Therefore, SmartCash answers to this by offering the SmartHub solution to merchants, allowing them to benefit from an innovative application, specially designed with a single vision, help merchants to accept and deal with SmartCash in their own businesses everywhere in the world. 

The application will remain in alpha during further testing from the team and will be pushed to production really soon. The team will announce the exact date as soon as possible once the tests will be over.

More information on the SmartHub and the possibilities at https://smartcash.cc/