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Snode announces platform update along with the official release of Trustless Masternode Hosting

By Rafał - 2019-09-02

Snode hasn’t been idle in the last few months and has proven itself to be highly productive and portentous. Snode has recently announced the official arrival of its most awaited Trustless Masternode Hosting option which will enable users to create a masternode on its platform while the collateral remains safe in the local wallet. The release of this hosting function marks a significant milestone in Snode’s roadmap.
To setup a masternode on Snode platform, users only need to follow three simple steps:
1. Reserving a masternode which the user wants to invest in.
2. Creating a trustless masternode by paying the hosting fees and setting up collateral transaction.
3. View and manage the active masternodes in ‘My Masternodes’ section.
Other platform updates include:
- Three new language support: Korean, Philipino, and Russian.
- Promotional partnership with Crypto Master Club and addition of other top tier masternode projects such as DASH, PIVX, XZC etc to the platform.
- Co-marketing and masternode hosting partnership with DAPS (mainnet to release in Q3 of 2019)
With the new release, SND will have two additional use cases:
1. Trustless platform hosting fees will only be accepted in SND-based payment.
2. Exchange voting: higher the number of SND one holds, more will be his/her no. of votes in the coin listing program (presently, 6 SND = 1 vote).

For more information and to know what Snode is presently working on, visit:  https://snode.co/trustless-release