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Snode exchange is live

By Rafał - 2019-02-27

Snode platform is offering shared, instant, dedicated and trustless masternode hosting. Snode developer just announced on discord channel release of Snode decentralized exchange.

Snode partners Birake
Snode discord channel

Snode exchange is a part of Birake network. What is that mean? That Snode exchange is sharing order book with few other exchanges that are  in the network already. Users can trade on multiple exchanges at the same time.


As the Snode Coin dev said, this is another big achievement  to complete the Snode Ecosystem.


Also, all coins supported by the Snode platform can be listed on the Birake network cheaper than usual.


To celebrate this partnership, we will give a huge discount on exchange listing to all coins that are currently supported on our platform. Please contact @SnodeCoinDev for further information.

Of course Snode Coin is already listed.


For now 5 exchanges in the Birake network are sharing the same order book and volume. For more informations about Birake check our review or visit https://birake.com


If you want to know more about Snode project visit https://snode.co


Trade on https://exchange.snode.co