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Snode hosting services are closing down in december

By Rafał - 2019-11-28

Snode.co is a service that provide shared and dedicated masternode solutions with innovative features to bring easy access for everyone. Instead of holding coins until it reaches a higher price, moving them into a masternode is a more efficient solution to build a passive income. The team has shared a major announcement this morning regarding the future of the Snode project and the associated hosting platform. Various users across the world have enjoyed the services offered by Snode for 2 years during hard market phases to enjoy all the benefits of masternodes. The team has also shared a word for the community:

“We would like to thank you for your continued loyalty and patronage of Snode. It has been a pleasure for us to provide you our service. However, this is to share news which is not very exciting, and which compels us to say goodbye to our users who have been enjoying our service in the last two years. “

To resume this decision, the last functioning day for hosting platform will be 30th, November 2019. After this day, the team will start to process all refunds for running shared/dedicated masternodes. Finally, the trustless platform will completely stop to work on 7th, December 2019. At the same time, Snode wallet will be running until 7th, December. It is mandatory to withdraw all the coins held there as soon as possible to avoid any issue. After this decision, the Snode team actively looking for successors and is having few on-going discussions regarding the acquisition of the service. Any interested team can directly reach the team on their social medias to discuss further details.
More information on this decision can be directly consulted on the discord or on the official homepage at https://snode.co/