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Snode platform with new features

By Rafał - 2019-02-02

On February 1st Snode announced official release of new, upgraded Snode platform with a lot of new features that will benefit all their platform users and investors. Platform can be found at https://dashboard.snode.co.
Snode new features
source: https://snode.co/platform-release
Among many new features the most important for Snode investors is possibility to pay fees for dedicated masternodes with their SND Coins. From now users can choose if they want to pay maintanance fees in SND or in invested coins.
 So far, SND is being used as one of the payment methods for a coin team to pay the listing fee while adding their coin into Snode platform. The second important use case of SND has become a reality as the payment for the maintenance fee while using Snode services.
Other important new features are:
- Instant payouts. No more waiting for rewards, even if you have them every day. From now rewards will be distributed as soon as they become spendable.
- Web wallet. You can deposit and keep your coins on Snode platform.
- Reinvestment option.
- Personal Inbox.


To celebrate platform update and new features Snode is preparing few promotions. All users that have been using Snode platform are going to receive 10 SND. Coins will be sent to their web wallets.
Snode is also preparing "Mega Bounty" and "Free service fee week"
For more details about promotion and new platform features visit snode.co/platform-release.