• Market Cap
    $1,646.193B 5.04%
  • POW Market Cap
    $1,167.241B 2.64%
  • POS Market Cap
    $143.075B 2.64%
  • Masternodes Market Cap
    $3.319B -0.91%

Stakecube Coin hacked.

By Rafał - 2018-10-24

Stakecube is one of the biggest and definitely one of the best shared masternodes/stake services. Few hours ago Stakecube was hacked for about 300k SCC. The stolen coins were sold on crex24. This is very bad news for all SCC holders and pool users
For now, for security reasons all withdrawals from pool are suspended. Users can not withdraw any coin that is there.
Stakecube wallet on crex24 was blocked, users can not deposit, withdraw or trade there.
As far as we know withdraw from pool was not made via stakecube website, that means someone hacked SCC wallet not website. Team is currently working on solution.
If you are using Stakecube pool join their discord channel for more information.
As you can see on the chart above, price of Stakecube Coin was dumped to 1 satoshi, and there the most of stole coins were sold (about 280k SCC).
Another example of how careful we need to be in cryptocurrency to not lose a lot of money.