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StakeCube integrates Dash FastPass features

By RafaƂ - 2020-10-14

StakeCube entity is glad to share the newest announcement that stakecube.net successfully integrated DASH FastPass by utilizing InstantSend and ChainLocks. For reminder, InstantSend is a feature of the Dash protocol that utilizes transaction locking and masternode consensus to facilitate instantaneous transactions on the Dash blockchain, allowing greater transaction numbers while bringing a huge increase in speed. The second feature , ChainLocks was created to perform a verifiable network-wide measurement/vote of the “first-seen” rule. For each block, an LLMQ of a few hundred masternodes is selected and each participating member signs the first block that it sees extending the active chain at the current height. The addition of these technologies/features creates an environment in which payments can be accepted immediately and without the risk of “Blockchain Reorganization Events”, a problem widely encountered in the crypto sphere without proper security measures.

What is Dash FastPass?

FastPass helps you leverage the speed of Dash across exchanges and platforms with Dash features enabled to maximize the set ROI. With FastPass, a trader can complete routine deposits or withdrawals in minutes or seconds, instead of hours or more. This speed and security presents a number of use cases, such as rapidly moving Dash across exchanges or from custody into a trading platform to leverage market opportunities before others. FastPass also provide traders and enthusiasts with information and analysis on the latest trends and topics within the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. These new features integrated into the StakeCube infrastructure greatly help investors and the community as a whole. Whether you are a spot trader looking for a deeper understanding of derivatives, or a hodler interested in staking, Dash and the actively participating partners will provide investors with all the information and tools needed to take your trading to the next level with the best opportunities.

More details on FastPass can be read at https://www.dash.org/fastpass/