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Stakecube refund program started

By Rafał - 2018-12-29

In October Stakecube platform was hacked. Hacker was able to steal BITG, BND, BWS, CCC, CFL, DASH, DEV, KYD, LGS, LPC, NAV, PHON, PIVX, PRJ and ZEST. Value of stolen coins was 13BTC. According to that dev was thinking about colsing Stakecube platfrom but he changed his mind and decide to "start" refund program.


After 2 months of fixing the platform and waiting for good news, the refund program is finally live! Users receive first refunds already. Coins that were sent are:


30950 BND - 2.27% of the total refunds 

210 DEV - 1.66% of the total refunds 

1520 KYD - 6.31% of the total refunds 

245 LGS - 4.54% of the total refunds 

390 LPC - 2.12% of the total refunds 

1350 PHON - 8.93% of the total refunds 

630 PRJ - 5.89% of the total refunds

LPC refund
LPC refund

With the scripts for the Refund now firmly in place we can increase the frequency of payments at our leisure, but please understand that we will still wait for a significant amount to be available before sending it to you. 

As the team member announce, refunds might look like a bit chaotic. Start of the long awaited refund program is definitely good news to Stakecube users that were affected by the hack.