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StakeCube v2 release date postponed to September 21st, 2019

By Rafał - 2019-08-31

StakeCube v2 update as planned by the team was set to release at the end of this month (August) but, the same has been postponed by 3 weeks and the new release date has been set to 21st September 2019. The reason being that the team plans on adding additional functions directly to the platform such as:
- revamped, simplified and aesthetic user interface.
- auto-reinvest feature, staking/trading competitions and auto-sell rewards against BTC.
- Improvements to activity statistics and logs.
- and some other minor changes such as better performance, automation of some features, integration of SCC etc.

? StakeCube v2 is coming 21st September! ?

For more information read the announcement below and check out our discord at https://t.co/wqE8o5HfSY pic.twitter.com/9f6XViXFPk

— StakeCube (@stakecube) August 29, 2019
The team also plans on making transaction improvements to avoid errors such as missing deposits and blocked wallets due to stuck withdrawals. The decision has also been made to complete the refund of DASH and BND (planned on 1st September) beforehand, so that the team won’t have to include the same in the new version.
Stakecube v2
The site will remain under maintenance mode on 21st September for almost the whole day and all the trading activities and withdrawals will be halted until the new update has been installed.
As a reminder, StakeCube will again inform its users about update to v2 on 15th September and also reveal additional information about the same.
To learn more about Stakecube visit https://stakecube.net