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Stakenet 2.0 Announcement

By Inkarias - 2019-11-01

The Stakenet development team has been hard at work over the last 18 months building the core infrastructure while realizing the vision of an Interchain Economy. During periods of hardcore backend development, it is hard to show the progress being made without real products, and users cannot even measure that progress as nearly everything is done on the backend.

During the next phase, Stakenet will finally be able to put products in people’s hands and has already opened betas to showcase the products to a much larger audience. Beta tests also started on the new Stakenet Wallet where community members are currently testing out Lightning Network, Auto Pilot Channels, Lightning Payments and very soon our One Click Lightning Swap tech and DEX.

Stakenet upcoming releases will be tied with the vision around it to prepare for the future and the marketing will be focused alongside this vision as the team delivers it to the wider audience.

The wallet is the first product to be released and will be a key component in the success of this testing phase. All the users will be able to participate in the beta and improve the Stakenet ecosystem.

A new refresh

Stakenet New Logo
Stakenet New Logo
In addition to this transition, the core team has decided as to give their branding a complete refresh as well. The Stakenet designers have been working tirelessly on new designs for products across the board from wallet UX, websites, logos and more. The team will now begin to shift to the new branding and begin updating across all of the social channels, websites and wallets. All the plans and further progresses are going accordingly to the roadmap specified: https://stakenet.io/roadmap/.