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Stakenet Wallet Beta testing phase launch

By Inkarias - 2019-11-11

After more than a year of work, Stakenet core has announced the phase 2.0 of development to build the vision of combining Lightning Network and Masternodes into a global blockchain for decentralized apps. The wallet is a non-custodial multi-cryptocurrency light app. When launched, the new wallet will allow users to send, receive, and eventually exchange funds over the Lightning Network; without needing to download full blockchains like many wallets.

The team also shared a word about this major milestone:

We will now finally be in a position to be able to put products in people’s hands, have open betas and showcase the products to a much larger audience. We have already begun this with our beta tests of the new Stakenet Wallet where community members are currently testing out Lightning Network, AutoPilot Channels, Lightning Payments and very soon our one-click Lightning swap tech and DEX.

Focus on the roadmap

MERLIN – focused on the network level, such as Lightning Network, DEX technologies, cross-chain interoperability, and cross-chain staking.

VIPER – focused on consumer end products, including the Stakenet Wallet and XSN DEX, or XSN Viper (a lightning router and hardware wallet).

The team has already completed work on Lightning Network swaps. The swaps form the foundation of the native XSN DEX will allow users to swap Lightning-enabled coins instantly with one-click. The team has also fully completed work on Lightning Network privacy swaps, TOR integration on the Stakenet Wallet, and XSN support on various hardware storage devices. Some extra features still remain under development such as cold-staking directly from various hardware devices, a mobile version of the wallet, DEX user-interface, Stakenet native hardware wallet (to set up Lightning Network hubs for XSN, BTC, LTC) and more.

More information about this new wallet on the official homage at https://stakenet.io/