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Staking Rewards launches decentralized advertising through NFT token ownership

By Rafał - 2020-04-29

Staking Rewards has been thriving to introduce profit mechanisms without requiring important external funding to handle its operations and deliver the best experience for users. After releasing the paid API, StakingRewards is glad to announce its newest system: decentralized advertising slots. In that way, the group is initially launching two advertising slots, which can be claimed from Monday to Friday with the utilization of the staking rewards tokens. The ownership of the Staking Rewards Token provides the right to select an asset or provider that is being featured on the StakingRewards.com frontpage for a certain advertising period. The type and the period are defined by the individual token’s attributes.

NFT tokens and Advertising system benefits

This new opportunity is open to everyone wishing to get an advertising slot for various purposes. Anyone can buy the tokens directly on the Opensea Marketplace and redeem them on the website to control the slot: https://opensea.io/. The team initially created 4 Staking Rewards Non-Fungible Tokens representing an advertising slot for either an asset or a provider on the frontpage:
  • Staking Rewards Token #1 (Featured Asset from 27th April – 1st May 2020)
  • Staking Rewards Token #2 (Featured Asset from 04th May – 08th May 2020)
  • Staking Rewards Token #3 (Featured Provider from 27th April – 1st May 2020)
  • Staking Rewards Token #4 (Featured Provider from 04th May – 08th May 2020)

The system offers various advantages for the owner, including automated ad schedules via smart contracts, resale rights and more.

Various possibilities and low-entry cost

Listed assets and verified provider on Staking Rewards can be selected for the 5-days advertising period. The price for SRT Tokens is determined by the market via a public and fair auction on open sea with a linear decrease over each week (From 1200$ to 1$). The team will also propose special offers to the community regularly.

The listing criteria and details can be found at https://www.stakingrewards.com/