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Stipend Freelance platform release

By Inkarias - 2019-10-29

Stipend, powered by blockchain technology and a network of masternodes, aims to bring a definitive answer for freelancer within the crypto sphere. In the present framework, more organizations are hiring individuals remotely since it is a less expensive and less demanding approach to get a greater pool of innovative representatives and blockchain facilitate this new way to work across the world.

Yesterday, the core team of Stipend has announced the pre-release of the freelance platform at https://platform.stipend.me/.

Our beta version is now live!https://t.co/45YEcmxbu5
Feel free to come test and give us feedback on discord!
(Note that some feature are not plugged, and updates will be made on a regular basis)$SPD #BTC $BTC #SPD #Freelance

— Stipend (@StipendOff) October 27, 2019

The platform offers a wide variety of features for freelancer such as posting a job or a resume and be recruited, while allowing to deposit and withdraw in the native currency of Stipend (Ticker SPD). The platform is completely functional and permits to create an account, post a job with SPD deposited, apply to job, chat with the client, rate the freelancer or client, finish a job and get paid.

This first release isn’t available to everyone for the first days. The team wishes to keep that version running in a closed circle until next Friday, to ensure everything is working fine and to receive the first feedbacks from the community. This pre-release also helps to bring some changes to some modules that are still being calibrated and integrated:

  • SOCKETS (real-time engine), sockets are in mitigation, so real-time engine is disabled until tomorrow's patch (users may need to refresh the page to see platform updates for the time being).
  • Google/FB APIs that are taking time to be batched, so account merging is blocked until fix

Even if the first days are considered as a test for the community, all data is persistant from now on, and every job and every profil submitted will stay on the platform during official launch this week.

More information at https://stipend.me/