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Stratis Smart Contracts Challenge is open

By Inkarias - 2019-11-16

All the participants around the world wishing to join the event are invited to take part in the Stratis Smart Contracts Challenge which started on 1st November and will end on 16th December 2019. The competition is open to individuals and teams from around the world, including those from profit, non-profit, academic and public sector organisations. The total prize fund will be $18,000 total and all eligible entrants will compete for a first-place cash prize of US$10,000, second place prize of US$5,000 and third place prize of US$3,000. The rest will be divided among the participants.

A smart development with strong use-cases

The challenge for the participants is to develop smart contract applications that can have a big impact. They should be useful, easy to use, innovative and capable of being applied across a wide range of industries. These include banking and financial services, international trade and commodities, supply chain, energy, identity, Internet of Things, government, healthcare and medicine, automotive and gaming.


The Competition is open to participants from any jurisdiction. Participants may be natural persons (provided they are at least eighteen years old) and corporate or unincorporated bodies. Participants may participate individually or form teams of up to four individuals.


  • Build a new functioning solution utilizing Stratis Smart Contracts in C# that relates to one of the industries stated above.
  • A link to one or more public GitHub repositories where developed source code is hosted.
  • A link to the Application.
  • A video of the Application.
  • A text description of the Application.

Participants shall develop a prototype of the smart contract application and commit its source code (and related technical documentation) in a public GitHub repository and license it under the open source MIT licence for Committee to review.

More information about this event at https://stratisplatform.com/