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Streamit team was scammed by fake HITBTC team

By Inkarias - 2020-04-09

Streamit is a service focused on vloggers, video channel owners or streamers to give their subscribers regular rewards based on different subscription tiers. The main objective of the project is to incentivize subscribers and fans by rewarding coins on them at regular intervals. Earned coins can thus be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat on crypto exchanges. StreamIT brings an opportunity to millions of streamers across the world to make streaming and vlogging on the blockchain a career and grow from it.

A successful scam attempt against the project

On April 4, 2020, the team shared important news regarding a scam that occurred. From the information that were publicly shared from the Streamit core team, the price paid was exactly 5 BTC and 3 million Streamit Coins to a fake HITBTC team faking the real ones. In order to solve that theft, the leaders of Streamit have already contacted the police to start research to find the responsible. The initial wish to be listed on Hitbtc exchange hasn’t changed and is still ongoing. To do so, the team has already contacted Whitebit market team and will receive help to be listed on real Hitbtc market as soon as possible.

STREAMIT team has also shared its apologizes to investors and is working tirelessly to solve that problem. In the meantime, as previously promised, Streamit team will spend at least 2-3 BTC for coin price rise soon.

Note from MasterofNodes: We have already contacted the team few days ago on Telegram to find more information about the exact circumstances around that recent theft. Until now , we haven’t received any answer and we are looking forward to share more information as soon as we will be able too.