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Summer Sigyn - Loki will be Upgraded on 20th of March

By Rafał - 2019-03-02

LOKI is back again with another upgrade Just after 3 months of last hardfork. It comes with a number of great upgrades to the network that includes Infinite Staking, New GUI, removed Staking requirement tail increase, Change of PoW to combat Nicehash, FPGAs and possible ASICs and Rotation of Governance Keys which will make Loki a better coin.
To keep the network more stable and make the node count higher over time the way staking works in Loki will be altered and it will be possible to keep the nodes alive indefinitely rather than having to reset them every month. The current monero-gui fork will be replaced with a new Electron RPC based GUI wallet that is faster and less buggy.
At last, there will be a change in the address at which the governance reward is sent. This is because of two reasons, the first one is that there are new board of directors after the last Loki Foundation annual general meeting, and so the old keys are now no longer assumed by the right people. Another reason is to reduce the risk of long term key exposure. Apart from this, because of Service Node Checkpointing in coming hardfork, the chances of 51% attacks will be decreased and this is because of an algorithm which is developed by the TurtleCoin team. Unlike CN Heavy, CN Turtle could be explained as an ultra-light variant, with a reduction in the size from 4mb to 256kb.

The actual date of hardfork will be the 20th of March.

For more details check official announcement:


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