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Swarm Capital and Siemens are now official partners on energy projects

By Inkarias - 2019-10-15

During last week, Swarm Capital announced its launch to bring a response to the need for professional services in the inevitable movement towards tokenization of many of the world’s assets across the world.

One of the most interesting and useful use cases for the tokenization of assets is in the energy sector, which has been brought to the fore lately in public discussions concerned with energy accountability, transparency, and sustainability over long-term. The potential in this field is completely unlimited and abundant with potential use cases from the tokenization of energy itself to the digital representation of carbon emissions.

Swarm Capital foresees great opportunities in the application of blockchain enabled finance technology to energy industries and has been in active talks with several key players in this field who are looking for cutting-edge solutions to solve emerging problems related to energy. Swarm Capital is glad to officially announce its new collaboration with a giant company and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, Siemens.

A major potential

Siemens, who has recognized Swarm’s excellent experience in blockchain-based tokenization and fundraising, has engaged Swarm Capital to use its platform stack to build white-label funding infrastructure for a sustainable energy project in Africa. Building on top of swarm’s open protocol for digital securities allows Swarm Capital to work with global innovators across the world to prove that blockchain technology, and asset tokenization, can deliver real solutions to relevant problems.By bringing blockchain in the energy industry, Swarm is greatly accelerating the adoption of blockchain in our modern society.