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Synthetix project and dex.blue exchange introduce a trading survey with rewards

By Inkarias - 2019-12-14

With the upcoming listing of Synthetix on dex.blue, a decentralized exchange that focuses on providing a fast, liquid, and uncompromisingly secure trading platform , the two entities have decided to offer rewards against community participation. To prepare the SNX listing next Tuesday (AEDT), dex.blue and Synthetix are running a survey with the community to gather some various feedbacks around people's trading experiences across the world against potential rewards.

The core team at dex.blue is bringing a high quality trading experience to the world of DEXes. Investors will be able to trade their SNX and other ERC20s on a fast and real-time orderbook and get matched with other dex.blue traders and all DeFi liquidity pools (Uniswap, Kyber and Oasis), always bringing the best price available on the network. In that kind of exchange offering trustless trading with a high degree of security, all users funds are in decentralized escrow in an Ethereum smart contract. Users directly deposit and withdraw their funds to and from that smart contract.

A survey oriented for the community

In partnership with dex.blue exchange , Synthetix project is launching a survey for the community around their trading habits in the crypto sphere. The team at dex.blue has offered two important prizes: a unique Synthetix Marble Card NFT and the right to trade on dex.blue for 3 months without fees (low trading fees of 0.25% are currently applied to the market).
The SNX team is also adding 50 coins into the prize pool. Each prize will be distributed to a random survey participant, and winners will be selected in Discord at the end of the survey period. Investors can already fill the survey in order to participate in the giveaway through this link: https://snxtrader.typeform.com/to/uAEulZ
More information on both projects at : https://www.synthetix.io/ and https://dex.blue/