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The Beacon Arcade is Alive

By Rafał - 2019-05-26

The gambling and betting market has always been an important part of consumer and player activites and has greatly increased with the use of all new technologies today. The rise of crypto-currencies today is bringing everyday players to blockchain-based online platforms offering a variety of quality services.


Beacon ensures its long-term strategic vision by announcing today an important partnership with AltBet, whose teams of these two projects, in close collaboration for a few months, are working hard to put in place their common vision.


The Beacon Arcade is alive! (insert Frankenstein's Monster)

The original idea of the Beacon Arcade could not see the day because of certain legal and legal conditions associated with being an official entity. This partnership will allow AltBet and Beacon to launch very soon in the coming weeks , a white-labelled, Beacon-branded version of the AltBet platform , completely functional and operational.


Beacon and AltBet will work together to continue development and improve both platforms in the future. The AltBet team will completely manage and own the servers, and handle all the different day-to-day operations of the platform. Beacon will be in charge of paying the monthly hosting costs for the Beacon arcade platform. The Beacon team will also be responsible for providing ongoing support for the platform, providing enhancement solutions for the design, layout, overall aesthetics of the platform as well as the user experience.

Proof of Consuption

The project which would be ready in weeks would utilize the proof of consumption (PoCon) concept which entails exciting revenue sharing method. This has already been alluded to by the Beacon founder, Patrick and extensive work has been done on this in close cooperation with Trittium and its founder Eugene.


AltBet will receive 10% of the BECN collected through the platform revenue. The revenue will be broken down and based on several criterias including the AltBet Fee of 10%, a burn feature of 30% , Beacon General Fund 30% and the rest for MN holders.

To see an overview of the current AltBet platform, you can visit https://altbet.io/ for more informations.