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The Blocknode project is on sale

By Inkarias - 2019-11-08

In the previous weeks, the core team of Blocknode has been in active discussion about the future of the project and has claimed that they cannot give it the attention it deserves both from a marketing, development and community perspectives.

Furthermore, the alternative coin market has not been good over the course of the last two years, along side an unusually high selling volume from the minting process of the BND token and the bad situation in the alt coin exchange market. This along with the multiple exchange closures has really hurt the project and the different goals previously specified by the team. After some considerations , the team has decided to not completely give up directly and aims to find new owners to take over Blocknode . The offer will be first available to Blocknode members first but remains open to a wider audience.

The team is currently open to receive offers to purchase the project. The price remains to be decided upon a follow up, but the sale would include taking ownership of the various vender distributions, control over the closed source codes of the project, Twitter, Discord and other social media outlets, the primary domain, emails and any design IP of the Blocknode project. This sale covers all the features, and everything related to BlockNode project. Anyone interested in sharing the word about this sale or reaching the team for an offer can send an email at contac@blocknode.tech.

In last resort, if the team cannot find any new group interested in taking over the leadership of Blocknode, the team will begin the process of open-sourcing certain parts, disposing of elements that cannot be open-sourced and potentially removing assets that need to be maintained.

More information available on the home page at https://blocknode.tech/