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The Latest PIVX Network Protocol Update Has Been Successfully Applied to the Testnet

By Lorenzo - 2019-12-02

PIVX Network is a cryptocurrency and platform that is currently undergoing some pretty important updates recently. The digital asset has finally launched its cold staking feature for public testing a few weeks ago, an update part of the upcoming 4.0 wallet.
PIVX has also released a new PoS Time protocol as announced on their official twitter. This new protocol includes a few changes like difficulty algorithm changes. According to PIVX, users can expect more consistent block times, a more secure network as well as less energy consumption.
Previously, PIVX improved the masternode proportion of the code to make it work better with staking and syncing. The team has now introduced a new masternode signed message system as well as v7 blocks and v4 ZC public spends. According to the official announcement, the 4.0 version is imminent.
Cold Staking will require two PIVX wallets and although the process can be a bit complicated, the team of PIVX has created a simple tutorial on how to do it. Cold Staking is not the same as participating in the PoS consensus mechanism. Holders of the coins do not receive rights in generating blocks or confirming transactions, they just receive passive income.