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The Loki New York Blockchain Week 2019 Experience

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-05-25

The eleven Loki team members recently returned from the New York Blockchain Week 2019 conference where the team rubbed minds with some of the bright minds in the crypto world.
According to a blog post on the platform’s site, the outing was a rewarding one that was worth all the time and effort put into it. It was also a great time for the team members from different countries to meet one another for the first time.
The report stated that the Loki team used the occasion to host a Loki SNAppathon which was a one-day event at Resobox. The Loki event attracted many contestants and was won by an anonymous complaint platform.
Other impressive SNApps that were produced during the six-hour event came from file sharing platform which came in second after the anonymous complaint platform. The third rewarding SNApps was the work of a 4chain image board.
The elevating event was by no means the high point of the conference in which the Loki team utilized to meet some of the influencers, developers and CEOs of remarkable exchanges such as Coingecko, My Ether Wallet and Changelly.
Even though the conference didn’t boast a high concentration of technical manpower, the Loki lead developers were able to interact with some mixnet experts. Kee and Jeff, both of Loki met with some of the Monero team and others who have worked on the blockchain/onion routing sphere.
The main advantage of having so many Loki team members on ground was that they effectively covered all the events that were of essence to the project. Of great import which could be considered a highpoint for the team were the meet-ups and talks related to Monero and Tor. The Zcash relationship with the Electric Coin.
Company gave interesting insight on how the great collaborations work, while the Dash success has worked to show how to create a platform in which the stake holders were the network of coin owners as shown from the talks given by Ryan Taylor of Dash.
The Loki team is proud to be a part of an industry where people do not hesitate to share knowledge that would help advance the common vision of societal benefit and the team is eager to put to test what was learnt at the conference.