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The new MIDAS Collateral and reward structure

By Rafał - 2019-03-08

MIDAS INVESTMENTS has announced the new structure for its MIDAS collateral and rewards. Midas is supposed to be one of very first masternode to combine three important metrics for a sustainable coin economics 1. strong utility 2. buybacks from mature revenue streams and 3. carefully considered reward structure tailored to MIDAS demand.

Now From the changed structure, MIDAS INVESTMENTS guarantee its price strength and gradual increase. Now they can provide the greater input for MIDAS as compared to reward emission output.

With an extensive experience in operating and managing Midas, they have created new reward structure to offer 100 % price support to MIDAS through utility, demand and gradual value growth.

While understanding the coin ecosystem and its economics, they have considered this new reward structure to offer complete price stability and future growth. By doing this change, they can provide value to our investors through long term price structure and growth to offer peace of mind on your investment.

Midas new rewards

New reward structure

The new economics of the MIDAS provides the ability for a continual maturing of MIDAS for many years to come. They exactly planned for the future. Through this change, MIDAS will continue in generating awards for more than forty years.

By changing the collateral, they have chosen to settle on a collateral of 2500 MIDAS for one masternode. On seeing the present as well as future, they chose to make several changes in the previous collateral. They have trust that it will open more potential benefits to the MIDAS investors in coming future.

For more visit: https://mn.investments