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The new Staking 2.0 System Created by V Systems

By Lorenzo - 2019-11-18

V Systems is a blockchain-based platform and database that provides decentralized cloud database technologies. In a recent official announcement, the team of VSYS released a new improved staking system called Staking 2.0. This is an upgrade to the current SPoS (Supernode Proof of Stake) consensus VSYS is currently using.
As we continue to lay a foundation for blockchain mass adoption, we are introducing Staking 2.0 which allows all V SYSTEMS users to join the first wave of applications powered by V SYSTEMS. VSYS holders will be able to stake not only VSYS, but also other tokens built on the V SYSTEMS mainnet.
This means that users will be able to get rewarded in different tokens by staking VSYS coins. The first project to be powered by VSYS will be the Tachyon Protocolm a next generation of TCP/IP Internet Protocol that uses the blockchain technology to provide users with advanced security protection and more.
The system is quite simple, users will only need to stake VSYS in order to get rewarded with other tokens. A portion of the tokens that are powered by V Systems will be allocated in a special pool to reward users. The system will automatically distribute these tokens to supernodes on a daily basis. The supernodes themselves will have to reward their community members according to their own rate/rules.
V Systems is also working with a few other projects like xCurrency and Fortune 500 real estate group on DeFi application development. Sunny King, Chief Architect of VSYS has made his first public appearance recently and discussed topics around the PoS consensus.