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The Revision of ION Block Reward Structure

By Rafał - 2019-03-15

The latest update of the ION network serves the dual purpose of expansion of the block reward beyond what was envisaged by the project whitepaper and an extended maintenance of the current block reward structure.
The update makes provision for a larger and more active network than what was laid out in the 2016 plan.
The implementation of the revised block reward schedule, IIP #3 took into consideration the unforeseen growth of the network. The February 2019 fork halved the block reward to 5.75 from 11.5 IONS per block.
Ordinarily, there would have been another halving by 2020 but with the recent hard fork, the current block structure would be maintained for the next 5 years.
The main advantage of this is the encouragement of the Masternode operators within the network since the incentives are the driving factors knowing that they form a secondary network layer ensuring that transactions on the core network are fast and efficient.
More at: https://news.ionomy.com/ion-block-reward-revised