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The Swarm Network Announces ‘Swarm Capital’ a Premium Service for tokenizing assets

By Lorenzo - 2019-10-12

The Swarm Protocol is an open infrastructure designed for digital securities. It’s a full package of solutions for the management and launch of Security Token Offerings. The Swarm Protocol team has just announced the creation of Swarm Capital, a premium service provider for the digitalization of assets. According to the official announcement, the platform will put digital securities into the hands of issuers and service firms.
The Swarm Capital platform is built on top of the Swarm Protocol. The Swarm Capital platform will be offering some innovative products like the Swarm APP, an application to tokenize any asset easily. The application includes all the necessary resources to create and issue a security token on any blockchain.
The Swarm Capital platform was created with the mission of giving customers an easy way to issue security tokens while being compliant with regulations. The platform offers this service for a very cheap rate.
According to the official announcement, this new platform was created due to a huge demand for a service layer that would allow users to interact with the protocol layer.
As SWARM has been delivering on its promise to build an open source protocol while operating as a non-profit, we have consistently seen demand from issuers and other market participants for a service layer that would conveniently allow them to interact with the protocol layer. There has also been an obvious need for seamless integrations with other tools required within the digital security value chain. We realized that the best way to meet customers is with a dedicated entity that can demonstrate the power and flexibility of the SWARM Protocol, as well as enable its customers to use it as a foundation for building their businesses. For us, this is the natural next step to creating adoption for digital securities.