• Market Cap
    $1,475.215B -3.09%
  • POW Market Cap
    $1,013.527B -4.37%
  • POS Market Cap
    $144.349B -4.90%
  • Masternodes Market Cap
    $3.392B -6.24%

The Team Behind Stealth Quantum Proof-of-Stake has just Released it for Public Testnet

By Lorenzo - 2019-09-23

Stealth aims to be the fastest cryptocurrency providing almost instant transactions while maintaining user’s information private. The Stealth cryptocurrency utilizes a new and innovative algorithm to achieve consensus called the qPoS (Quantum Proof-of-Stake)
Stealth is a privacy coin and uses a blockchain where transactions aren’t available to the public. Stealth seamlessly integrates the TOR network to achieve private transactions as the TOR network has proven to be secure from any kind of privacy attack.
Additionally, Stealth is able to achieve really fast block times of around 5 seconds thanks to the use of a state ledger which enables efficient consensus.
The staking system of Stealth has a few new rules, for instance, stakers are bought with XST (Stealth’s token) that is permanently removed from the money supply. Anyone can actually buy a staker at any time but stakers cannot be liquidated through to XST using the blockchain, owners can only liquidate them using private sales.
Stealth is able to prevent instant mining by distributing low block rewards for 4 hours to ensure a fair launch. The POS interest is around 20% annually according to Stealth’s website and the block reward halves every 1440 blocks.
Stealth is currently trading at $0.089 and it’s listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Bittrex. The overall ROI for Stealth is 2,131% according to CoinMarketCap.