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The Trittium licenses obtaining and short-term roadmap

By Rafał - 2019-06-25

Trittium is a revolutionary intermediary platform that allows fast and easy peer-to-peer loans backed by crypto collateral. Both lenders and borrowers get to leverage their positions : lenders by earning interest on their latent cash and borrowers by getting cash flow without having to part with their crypto assets. With the intrinsic blockchain nature, Trittium is taking shared economy one step further to improve the crypto economy.
After a year of waiting, several procedures and attempts and thousands spent on lawyers and taxes, the Trittium team finally succeeded, by its hard work, to obtain the licenses it coveted so much. In addition to this major evolution , Trittium continued working and making this community bigger and bigger , giving a new path with two different use cases and a great future in the horizon.
Trittium operating licences
Trittium operating licences
The team is now pleased to announce that Trittium can operate with these two licenses:
The first license FRK000789 to provide virtual wallet services – The current main activity
The second license to provide the services of exchanging virtual currency against a fiat currency FVR000896: The possible amount is up to 15K without the need to pass the KYC (Know your customer) procedure.

The new path and short term roadmap

The following features and improvements are already under development by the Trittium’s team. The short term new roadmap is oriented on four major points to improve the possibilities and the services provided with the acquisition of these two licences.
Trittium will offer the possibility of making loans and smuther , the person who worked on the user-friendly part for the interface will illustrate it with screenshots within the next week.
The team is also working hard on a multi currency mobile APP for both android and iOS. A developer was recently hired for that task and the team will soon enable free staking for users on wallet balances and will monetize the app by selling services to different coin developers.
The mega explorer will allow users to access multiple coins balances or transactions with a single request and will be integrated with user interface (The team already have their own explorer for every coin listed).
Finally, the new wallet release will offer some exclusive and newly created features that competitors didn’t reach or achieve yet in their progression.
More about Trittium: https://trittium.cc