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TomoChain’s DEX Protocol is live on Testnet

By Inkarias - 2019-11-07

TomoChain blockchain and products allow entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to build high-performance projects on an enhanced EVM-compatible platform. After a long phase of preparation and hardwork, the core team of Tomo has made an announcement stating that its permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol, named TomoX , went live on public testnet on Tuesday, November 5. In short, TomoX will enable businesses to launch their own permissionless DEXs (also known as “Relayers”) in only a few minutes. This innovative protocol aims to remove the problems related to extensive technical knowledge and high dev costs.


The time has come!

TomoX Testnet is officially LIVE! ?
You are invited to join us to give TomoX protocol a try!
Check out TomoX Landing Page https://t.co/Q9HH8y6LYN
— TomoChain (@TomoChainANN) November 5, 2019

TomoX Protocol

The protocol has a single layer that has been integrated into the core of the TomoChain blockchain to speed up existing confirmation times. Additionally, while all DEXs built on the protocol will share the same order book as Birake and masternodes on the network will provide the needed computation power for processing all the orders as quickly as possible. The protocol comprises of an open-source frontend-backend templates (TomoX SDK) to fast track the deployment of DEXs and a professional management dashboard (Tomo Relayer) for launching and managing the previously deployed DEXs. A collateral deposit of 25,000 TOMO to the TomoRelayer will be needed in order to launch a new decentralized exchange.

TomoChain has also launched its first DEX, the TomoDEX. The exchange which currently gives free testnet TOMO for trading will allow users to test all the different features and services without having the need to deposit any real money in order to receive feedback from the community.

More details about this protocol and the DEX at https://tomochain.com