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TomoX officially launches relayer support program

By Inkarias - 2020-05-10

Tomo announced today a special offer to help businesses launch decentralized exchanges (DEX) namely relayers, with absolutely zero coding experience and hardware requirements at all. In a few days, on May 12, TomoX, the efficient decentralized exchange protocol will be fully launched to public. TomoX is a groundbreaking addition offering the speed and experience of centralized exchanges coupled with the security of decentralization where users are always in direct custody of their funds. The team created a complete detailed blog page about this release.

With this solution, launching a DEX on TomoChain takes minutes and requires minimal technical knowledge through the registration portal, TomoRelayer, and use of the TomoX-SDK tools. Thus, companies across the world will have great facilities to work with Tomo for their businesses.

The relayer support program

With the Relayer Support Program, anyone can launch a DEX immediately without needing to deal with any technical details. The future owner must just register the DEX on TomoRelayer, connect the domain and start using it. By default, all Relayers runners will receive the FREE server support once the registration is completed on TomoRelayer before August 12, 2020. Tomo is also offering to help clients to customize the Relayer logo and name freely. If TomoChain ceases to support the Relayer on TomoChain’s server, the Relayer operator will need to set up their own server to continue running their DEX. A maximum number of 150 Relayers can be launched and run at the same time. New slot availability will only be possible when an existing Relayer resigns and based on the first arrived first-served system. If a Relayer is qualified for the Program, that relayer will be launched at the same time as TomoDEX. Finally, to register a relayer, a deposit of 25,000 TOMO is required and will be withdrawable later.

All the explanations regarding TomoX can be read at https://tomochain.com/home/