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TOP 10 Masternodes Hosting Platform Comparison

By Rafał - 2019-08-10

In our previous comparative article and following the closing of the GIN platform, we presented various possibilities open to users to continue hosting masternodes via a reliable external provider. We had previously introduced 5 competitors present and well established on the market for masternodes: Zcore, Gentarium, NodeHub, ClickNode and Trittium. We now add 5 other entities, offering similar services for the hosting of masternodes in general: Kalkulus, Apollon, Snode, Nodexo and Bulwark.

At a time when projects based on networks of masternodes are numerous, the companies and groups MAAS (Masternode as a service) offering hosting services have to face a competition always more present and important and must constantly be renewed to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market to attract new investors. Despite the diversity of these service providers, they focus their developments and evolutions on the same important points to satisfy everyday users: Simplicity, Security and Accessibility.

Basics and Services

Hosting Platfroms comparison Table 1

*The information presented above is only extracted from the datas present on the different platforms and websites of the entities mentioned in this document. These indicators may be subject to change or might be erroneous (Data extracted from 07 August 2019)

When users are looking for the best possible solution for the management of their masternodes, they are waiting for specific criterias to obtain the best quality / price for the various services subscribed.

An ergonomic and practical dashboard is essential for good user-side management. The diversity of the services offered by the MAAS solutions implies having to continually rethink the interface and accessibility of these different services. When comparing the various solutions proposed, it is obvious that all offer more or less the same basic options, namely the hosting of dedicated masternodes, which remains one of the first solutions on the market. Some go further and offer more advanced services that we will address in the next parts. The quality of the support and the prices also remain important criterias in the decisions of the consumers. Finally , being incorporated helps a lot to reach more audience and bring new investors . In this top 10, only Gentarium , Trittium ,Kalkulus , Apollon and Nodexo are currently officially incorporated. Some of the others are also in the process or planning to be officially a company in the upcoming months.

The notable difference between them is on the choice made for the infrastructure. In this top 10, we can see a significant difference on the proposed options. We can then divide these entities into 3 categories: Full Cloud VPS, Full Dedicated VPS, Dual Solution Hybrid / Dedicated.

Services like NodeHub, ClickNode and Apollon offer the possibility to use both solutions, leaving the choice to the user as to his preferences for the management of his masternodes. Kalkulus and Trittium, on the other hand, offer only one solution namely dedicated VPS. Finally, other competitors exclusive use cloud VPS solutions. One can then wonder the reason for this choice for these companies.

From a technical point of view, although a cloud solution is less flexible and slightly less secure than a dedicated solution, it remains cost-efficient for the management of a large number of masternodes. The cost analysis of this type of solution reduces overall costs for users while providing a reliable hosting solution. Cost management is an important element to succeed: Being able to offer ever lower costs is a major objective for this type of company. This is a parameter that can easily facilitate the arrival of new customers on these platforms.

These masternodes hosting providers offer their services at a variety of prices, although these are still generally affordable. Different infrastructures also imply varied price range depending on the services available.

Hosting Platforms Table 2

*The information presented above is only extracted from the datas present on the different platforms and websites of the entities mentioned in this document. These indicators may be subject to change or might be erroneous (Data extracted from 07 August 2019)

By comparing the rates offered by the providers for a similar infrastructure, it is easy to see the price difference between these competitors:

Full Dedicated: Kalkulus 7,50$ / Trittium 0,49€

Trittium offers cold nodes solution (in beta version) for 0,49€ per month. Kalkulus, with 7,50$ monthly cannot compete against Trittium offer. Trittium also offers a second price for the instant nodes which amount to 0,167€ per day so 5€ per month. Both Trittium possibilities are cheaper than Kalkulus current pricing.

Full Cloud: Zcore : 1,99$ , Gentarium 3,99$ , Nodexo 5-15% , Snode 5%-6% , Bulwark 2,1$ + ,


Zcore , Gentarium , Snode , Nodexo and Bulwark chose to offer the second type of VPS hosting: Cloud VPS. 

Cloud VPS is more focused on organization and cost-efficiency, allowing to stack a number of masternodes in a single VPS, reducing the overall cost and exploiting the maximum performances. This is in my opinion the best solution to offer a hosting solution at the lowest cost for the customers. In this category, the prices range from 1$ to 4$ and Apollon actually offers the cheapest offer compared to other competitors. One can still wonder about the Nodexo and Snode solutions, which allow the lowest cost with certain coins depending on market status.

Dedicated/Cloud VPS: Apollon 0,99-2,99 $ , NodeHub 3,90$-9,90$ , ClickNode 3,30$-9,90$

Finally, groups such as Apollon, NodeHub and ClickNode, offering both possibilities, leave the choice to users as to their preferences. The user has the choice to move towards a more limited but cheaper solution (Cloud VPS) or a solution that is less accessible but offers significant evolution potential. The choice is left to the community according to its needs for hosting masternodes. On this principle, Apollon very clearly offers more affordable prices compared to other solutions with a rather significant difference.

Overall, the price range remains similar, although fully dedicated solutions are particularly expensive for almost identical operation (as discussed in the previous article). That's why many services are moving towards cloud VPS solutions, which are more affordable and easier for users to implement (fewer virtual devices to manage).

But these groups are more unique about their services. When we talk about the services offered by these platforms, we can classify them in several categories:

  • Full Nodes
  • Shared Nodes
  • Staking Features
  • Instant Nodes
  • (Some unique features detailed in the last section of this document)

Out of the 10, Zcore , Gentarium , Trittium and Snode offers all type of services except staking features. This is a wide range of possibilities for investors and masternodes owners. Having all the features available (minus staking possibilities) is a great addition when you own a good number of different masternodes. The possibility to reinvest the daily rewards is also a great thing when you want to use that kind of services to increase your passive income easily.

Nodexo offers both shared and dedicated masternodes without the possibility to stake directly on their platform.

Finally , the remaining platforms are limited to dedicated nodes only even if some of them are already working on implementing new features for the customers. Kalkulus platform also offers a possibility to stake your coins on their platforms, which is something rare in this type of market and actually not done by the other competitors.

When it comes to popularity, ClickNode offers the greatest diversity of currencies for its users with today 193 currencies available, but Zcore and Gentarium still remain the most used platforms with respectively 17,920 and 7508 hosted masternodes. It is important to note that some platforms are newer than others and therefore have fewer visitors and clients due to lack of visibility. On the other hand, the Kalkulus and Bulwark platforms are the least used among the 10. Some users prefer to move towards platforms with a more worked and completed design like Snode or even Trittium. Furthermore, only NodeHub and Nodexo didn’t create a coin/token for their services. These platforms still offer the possibility to pay with different currencies and not only their native coins.

Let’s focus on their community and related activities. Live support, proposed by some hosting platforms isn’t the only way to get help around masternodes activities. Community is often active on the different common social softwares and sites such as Twitter,Telegram , Discord , Reddit and less often LinkedIn.

Social Networks Comparative

hosting platforms comparison 3

The communities are mainly based on discord, which is convenient to be updated about all the information easily. Other social networks don’t have the same functionalities as discord and are less visited in general. Out of the 10 competitors, Snode clearly have the biggest community on discord with more than 9000 members even if that team is newer than others ( then Gentarium and Trittium with more than 7000).

Honorable Mentions

Most of the platforms presented in this document have an intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use interface for all users. Some groups, on the other hand, innovate to propose new solutions for their communities.


Staking V-Box : This solution a new way of staking coins. When usually, you have run your computer 24/7 and have your wallet open all the time, with the online wallet and Kalkulus solution, you don’t waste more energy and time with your own setup, you can directly benefit from their platform. It is also possible to export your private key, personal passphrase and access to wallet encryption . As security is an important criteria , 2FA is also available to be setup to protect the funds.

Apollon Network

NodeBuilder : The system verify the collateral, deploy the masternodes and connect the masternodes to users wallet in order to be able to receive the daily rewards. No technical experience is required to use this feature , everything is accessible with a few clicks.

Ryon Feature: RYON means ‘Run Your Own Nodes’. With this option, the users are able to get the VPS provider of their choice , while enjoying the benefits of the Apollon management and deployment software. This solution is a good addition to increase the possibilities for users for the VPS preferences.


Dex: A unique point which make the difference between competitors. Snode exchange is officially a part of the Birake network. Snode exchange is sharing order book with few other exchanges that are in the Birake network already (The full list is directly available on Birake website). Users can then trade and benefit from multiple exchanges at the same time. Even more interesting , SND coin isn’t only used for hosting payment options but also serves for Snode Dex voting system to list new coins and as payment option for the teams wishing to join the platform.

Official Links

Zcore : https://central.zcore.cash/

Gentarium : https://mn.gtmcoin.io/

NodeHub : https://nodehub.io/

ClickNode : https://clicknode.io/

Trittium : https://node.trittium.cc/

Kalkulus : https://hub.kalkul.us/

Nodexo : https://nodexo.io/

Apollon : https://apollon.network/

Snode : https://snode.co/

Bulwark : https://platform.bulwarkcrypto.com/