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Top 3 high ROI masternode projects for 2019

By Rafał - 2018-12-21

The year 2018 was very harsh on most of the crypto investors. Market crashed after the sick and unhealthy bull run which took place at the end of year 2017. The “red year” has almost come to an end now. Therefore, we can summarize what has happened so far in the crypto space and start preparing for the coming year.
In this article we present to you the “top 3 high ROI masternode coins” for 2019. Every project can end like a shitcoin, especially the ones with high ROI. But some of them are just better than the others, with great teams, ideas and working products. The three coins which we will cover in the article hold great potential and will very possibly grow out to be something big in the coming years, but of course no promises can be made in this uncertain crypto world. All of them still have great ROI from which you can benefit by setting up multiple masternodes.
(Note: The coins are in random order. Investments are subject to market risk. We do not offer or provide any investment or financial advice and nothing in this article must be considered as an investment advice. We will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred. High ROI equals high risk. Please see professional financial advice and do your own research before making any investments.)

LightPay Coin (LPC)

The first project that we will be talking about is LightPayCoin (LPC). LPC is supported by many great and active conference teams setting an example of how to advertise your product and introduce its masternode technology. The team strives hard towards their main goal of achieving mass adoption and bringing crypto to the financial mainstream.
LPC has been doing good since 2018, but in 2019 it can start gaining real value. why? Because of its partnership with CoinLogiq (ATM provider) and other multiple ATM’s which were on their roadmap from the first day. As the devs announced, first market that LPC will be aiming is Venezuela which makes sense as great volatility proceeds its fiat currencies and therefore the crypto adoption rate has spiked in past years. All current CoinLogiq ATM’s have the new interface with LPC available to purchase since January 2019.
The coins has around 3000 active masternodes at the time of writing. The collateral amount to setup LPC masternode is 1000 coins (0.15 BTC at the time of writing) and its current ROI is 155%.
For more information, visit https://lightpaycoin.org

Birake (BIR)

Birake logo
Birake is a very interesting and well-developed project. They are building a huge exchange network where everyone and anyone will be able to build their own exchange in just a few clicks. They recently revamped their official website https://birake.com where you can find more information about the exchange and its pricing.
The idea is unique and simply genius and will cope pretty well with the increasing demand of cryptocurrencies. A lot of people would like to have their own exchange set up in the coming years and would probably prefer Birake due to its easy setup options, zero requirement of technical knowledge and advantage of having trading volume from the very first day.
Birake has number of use cases and is striving hard to create even more which is resulting in increase of its ROI and number of active masternodes, strengthening its network.
At the time of writing there are around 950 active BIR masternodes and ROI is 430%, which is huge. The masternode collateral required to host one BIR masternode is 25000 coins which costs about 0.5 BTC at the moment.
For more information, visit https://birake.com

Gentarium (GTM)

The two projects discussed above are great but still lack having any real use case until they launch their products and get them working. Gentarium is the project that already has a real use case with working product. It is one of the biggest (the biggest?) platform that allows its users to setup a masternode in just a few clicks. Also, at Gentarium, one can join shared masternodes pools if he/she cannot afford to setup a full masternode. The only payment method accepted on the platform is its own native crypto currency GTM.
Gentarium is hosting over 7500 masternodes and users can either pay for them every day, every month or every 3 months in GTM coins.
Gentarium presently is a PoW-based Masternode network but is soon going to be changed to PoS/Masternodes and dynamic collateral this year.
At the time of writing there are around 1750 active GTM masternodes and its current ROI is 140%. The masternode collateral required to host one GTM masternode is 1000 GTM coins which costs about 0.19 BTC at the moment.
For more information, visit https://gtmcoin.io
Therefore, these are the three projects which we think have high growth potential and will be really well-established in the coming years. Of course there are more great projects out there but in this article we only wanted to cover the coins with over 100% ROI.
Remember that future of these projects depends on devs, products and crypto volatility rate.

Update: 2019-07-26

LightPay Coin

Unfortunately LightPayCoin is (probably) not developed anymore. After problems with main LPC dev “Pirklok” who was named one of the biggest scammers in masternode space, Damon Bryant never found (we do not know if he was looking for) another developer. No more webinars and we don’t know what is going on with ATM’s. LPC Team’s latest activity on social media was in May.


Birake project is well developed. There are already 8 exchanges in the Birake Network plus its own Birake Exchange. Also, Birake Network was recently added to the Coinmarketcap. It means that more people will finally know that something called Birake Network exists out there.
However, price of BIR masternode dropped to around 0.032 BTC. This is of course related to the current altcoin situation and the team can do nothing about it. There is no recent marketing activity. Maybe after CMC lisitng the team has finally started working on the product and on their social media activity. Birake may be the best masternode project that exists out there but if no one knows about its presence, it is worthless. Therefore, marketing efforts are really necessary for Birake in the present scenarios.


Gentarium has successfully swaped to POS/MN in January 2019. Recently GTM team has updated their website which includes information on their actual ongoing activity and legal entity. Its Team is hard working and active and has been adding new coins to the platform.
Gentarium masternode price dropped to around 0.007 BTC. GTM being the hosting platform is the kind of project that is linked to the masternode market/space more than others. GTM is the only accepted payment method on the platform which gives its native coin use case and demand. Last few months have been difficult for masternode investors as most of the projects lost their value and alot of masternodes stopped being profitable. At the moment Gentarium Platform is hosting little over 7600 masternodes whereas in February the number was over 10000.
Genatarium and Birake are still great projects that are suffering from current market situation. If alts start recovering, these two are most likely to recover too and reach new heights. Whereas on the other hand, LPC’s fate probably seems to be sealed.