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5 Gin Alternatives comparison for masternode hosting

By Rafał - 2019-08-03

After the official announcement of the definitive closing of the hosting services of the GIN platform from 01 August 2019 that we mentioned in our previous article, the former users of this group are led to move towards a new solution of accommodation adapted to their convenience. The choices available to them are diverse and varied and offer a diverse range of services.
Today, we are going to present several competing platforms present on the market for masternodes hosting and staking in general. This comparison shows the various services offered and the costs associated with the platforms below:

Comparative Table of Services and general Information*

*The information presented above is only extracted from the datas present on the different platforms and websites of the entities mentioned in this document. These indicators may be subject to change or might be erroneous.

The different offers proposed by these masternode hosting sites are composed of a wide range of possibilities. While it is important to have a public team in order to increase investors’ confidence, some entities still make the choice to stay private.

Gentarium , and Trittium offer a legal framework for the investors with their created companies. The tree others, Zcore, Clicknode and NodeHub aren’t officially registered or public but have proven their reliability in the crypto sphere. The continuous live support proposed by these competitors are often a huge help for the community. Telegram, Discord and live chat support are often an easy way to reach someone in order to find a quick solution to the problems.

Some groups made the choice to create their own coin or token to integrate the ecosystems for services payment. Zcore, Gentarium, ClickNode and Trittium arrived with a native coin, used to benefit from the platforms services easily at a lower cost. At the opposite, NodeHub didn’t create its own coin for daily services but still allows the utilization of more than 25 cryptocurrencies.

Dedicated VPS vs Shared VPS

The difference between shared and dedicated VPS is only tied to the type of configuration purchased. The shared VPS solution means your masternode will share the same server with other masternodes. It’s often the cheapest option but implies some difficulties such as limited bandwidth, lack of administration, and low performance capabilities. With a shared VPS, there is no possibility to increase storage space or any other element that could be required in order to upgrade your masternode to a higher tier or to increase the overall performances. At the opposite, dedicated VPS hosting is considered by some as a premium and more expensive option. This solution give the ability for greater customization and better performances. It is important to notice that any hardware upgrade is also counted with an extra cost for the client, but isn’t limited since the server isn’t shared with anyone else. In both solutions, the security is guaranteed even if a dedicated server has less chance to be in danger from a neighbour-breach than shared VPS.

Instant Nodes vs Shared Nodes

With the increasing demand on VPS hosting for masternodes , some providers offered new ways to satisfy the crypto sphere : Instant Nodes and Sharing Nodes services.
The shared masternode is a solution where small investors don’t have to invest alone to reach the collateral amount required for masternode setup. The defined collateral amount is divided in places between investors, giving the chance to enjoy all the benefits related to masternode while owning only a certain percentage.
Instant nodes are considered as the new revolution, far surpassing shared masternodes, while providing a simple and fast process. The process is quite simple and requires only a few clicks.When you wish to join an instant nodes , you get the possibility to earn rewards immediately after depositing your coins to the platform. The rewards often occur few times a day and can be paid directly to a specific wallet or reinvested on the percentage already owned by the customer to increase the next reward amount.
While shared nodes require a fixed number of participants to join before starting the full masternode, instant nodes doesn't have a waiting or setup time to start earning rewards. The process is as simple if you wish to leave the nodes or withdraw your coins with no waiting or replacement time needed.

Comparative Table 2*

Masternode Hosting Platforms Pricing
*The information presented above is only extracted from the datas present on the different platforms and websites of the entities mentioned in this document. These indicators may be subject to change or might be erroneous.

These competitors offer services at very different prices for equally different infrastructures. The cost between a dedicated VPS and a shared VPS is important but much more obvious when comparing NodeHub, ClickNode and Trittium. Trittium offers a dedicated VPS solution way cheaper than its competitors. In the case of Shared VPS, prices are similar, hovering around $ 3-4 despite Zcore offering a slightly cheaper service at $ 1.99. Attendance differs greatly depending on the pieces offered.

Zcore now has the platform with the largest number of hosted masternodes, although Gentarium with more than 7000 nodes and the others with more than 3000 nodes are serious competitors. The main difference can be seen in the number of currencies supported, ranging from 110 currencies for Zcore to 193 for NodeHub, which to this day is the most diversified. The other groups have respectively 150, 66 and 111 currencies supported for Gentarium, ClickNode and Trittium. NodeHub has now the biggest total value in terms of masternodes hosting ( The total value of the coins on the market) with more than 8,000,000$ compared to the other competitors.

All these platforms are trustless, single click, masternode hosting solutions offering a lot of ways for investors to take part in their prefered masternode coins in the shortest time possible. The well-thought UI are designed to enable less tech savvy people to navigate easily with a simple design and dashboard, with often a live team to offer help and take necessary actions when needed. These different solutions offer a high range of pricing to start with based on several criterias.
The users have the choice to pick a shared VPS when they feel they just need a node for a few days or weeks to accumulate rewards at the same time or pick the premium versions to host a masternode on a dedicated server with the possibility to always upgrade it to increase the performance or possibly add another masternode on the same server in the future of these platforms to reduce cost.

Official Links

Zcore Platform : https://central.zcore.cash/
Gentarium Platform : https://mn.gtmcoin.io/
NodeHub Platform : https://nodehub.io/
ClickNode Platform : https://clicknode.io/
Trittium Platform : https://node.trittium.cc/