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Trittium and Masters of Nodes agreement

By Rafał - 2019-11-07

Trittium is a well-known leader in the field of hosting platforms offering a complete set of services to build a passive income and easily manage your portfolio and masternode holdings.

The project aims to completely revolutionize the current liquidity problems within the crypto sphere by offering loans in fiat money using cryptocurrencies as a collateral for that service.

With some innovative built-in features included in the Trittium network such as trttAuth and trttExplorer, all the communities of the coins listed on the trttNodes platform can enjoy all the benefits associated with this unprecedent vision and management of assets at a really low cost.

This new collaboration opens a lot of possibilities for both entities.

With around 120 coins listed on the trttNodes platform and the professionalism of the team, we, at Masters of Nodes, will be able to reach a bigger audience of investors and crypto supporters with the large network composed by the various communities included in the platform.

At the same time, all the investors registered on Trittium’s hosting platform will have access to the most recent news regarding masternode ecosystems and their preferred coins including TRTT currency, but also to a lot of informational articles which will guide them on the path to create , build and manage their portfolios and their assets (including the technical preparation and management of the different masternodes).

Both group experiences in the crypto sphere will be a major advantage to offer the best services and advises users regarding passive income and all the masternode solutions. This partnership is the first step toward a strong collaboration which will surely open more possibilities in the future.

If you are looking to learn more about our new partner, Trittium, and what they offer, you can visit some of their deployments:
Hosting Platform : https://node.trittium.cc
Multicurrency Explorer : https://chains.trittium.cc