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Trittium burn coins, PoCon is on the way

By Rafał - 2019-02-05

Trittium coins are burning! On February 4th, another 200 000 TRTT were burned. That was second burn made by Trittium so far and at the moment there are 517 000 coins that no one have access to. Of course, you can check it by your own here: TRCryptoLifeDotNetBurnAddrXXX6gvik.
TRTT burn
source: TRTT discord channel
This coins burn brings us closer to our goal: Make the demand higher than coins emision, in this way, the price can only go up
Burning is good for the price of the coin and trust between dev team and investors, but that burn is not the best what is happening in TRTT. Team announced that PoCon "will start for all the Trittium masternode holders in about 10 days".
What is PoCon (Proof of Consumption) and what is that mean for investors?
First of all, masternode holders will receive 25% of TRTT platform income. Dividends will be transferred every day to investors accounts. Also, another 25% platform income will be burned and 50% goes to Trittium to pay theirs internal costs.
Trittium investors become investors in real projects, with the right to receive part of the revenue generated by the platform in exchange for having financed the project.
If you want to know more about PoCon check this article.
Visit https://trittium.cc to learn more about Trittium project.