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Trittium Announces New Cold nodes Hosting Feature

By Rafał - 2019-03-12

The Trittium now has the option of cold hosting nodes on the platform enabling participants retain their coins on desktop wallets.
The test feature announced by the platform on March 7 via a tweet stated that the cost of running the node for a month during the beta test is 0.49 euro.

Cold nodes hosting is available now at the #trttNodes platform.

You can deploy your whole nodes with us and keep your coins in your desktop wallet.
For the first month, as we are on beta: 0.49 €/Month for the whole node, daily fees payment.
*No 0.49 per day, 0.49 per month? pic.twitter.com/c1f4BFWAtf

— Trittium.cc (@Trittium_cc) March 7, 2019

A Gradual Expansion

The platform is gradually building up the cold hosting feature as it studies its effects on the network. In the meantime, there are provisions for 230 nodes during the testing stage. The platform hopes that this would increase by next weekend.
The process of deploying a Masternode on the trttNode platform demands a minimum balance of 5 euro on a Trittium desktop wallet. Since the cold hosting demands storing the coins on a desktop wallet, operators are required to have this downloaded before setup.

Trittium Nodes Excluded from Cold Hosting

The release from the platform made it clear that the traditional Trittium nodes are not allowed as cold nodes even though there are plans to make this possible in the future. So operators of Masternodes could run cold nodes down the line.
Even though the cost of running a full node on the network is 0.49 euro, this is just for the first month, a Discord post made it clear that there will be updates on price reviews possibly after the beta testing.
For the first month, as we are on beta, the cost will be 0.49 €/Month for whole nodes, with daily payments. In some days we will update future prices. To be able to deploy a cold node, when you implement it, you must have a minimum balance equivalent to 5€ at your trittium wallet at the platform.

A Big Step

The announcement was termed a big step for the platform. Some community members seem eager to try out the feature as shown by reactions from the Trittium official Twitter account.
Interested participants were reminded that Masternodes are deployed into a VPS maintaining that the desktop wallet be closed at all times since its main purpose is just for receiving payments.
The release requests users having any doubts to contact the Trittium platform to resolve any issues arising from cold node hosting.
Trittium platform: https://node.trittium.cc