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Trittium introduces the first project in the TrttSelect program

By Inkarias - 2019-09-26

Since February, the Trittium team announced the release of the trttSelect program.
This program’s goal is to bring promising projects to the Trittium solid ecosystem and platform.
In order to be eligible for this program, the projects must meet some criterias:
  • Real use case project.
  • Involvement of the entire team.
  • Long term goals.
  • Transparency with the investors.
Because of several different reasons, the team rejected all the projects that have contacted them yet since the beginning of this initiative.
Today, Trittium’s team is glad to announce the selection and the addition of the first Project that meets the strict requirements to be part of the trttselect brand: Axel.
From September 26, Axel Network (https://axel.network/) will be the first project to be listed as trttselect. In short, AXEL has built the largest IPFS-integrated blockchain network in the world.
Their groundbreaking approach to how data is managed is powered by Masternodes and built with the same commitment to product innovation that has led to millions of people adopting their technology. The AXEL.Network is a Masternode project unique in its kind and the CEO and Chairman Tony Tan shared that:
The AXEL Global Decentralized Network is the realization of a vision created over a half decade ago - to not only provide the technologies and tools necessary to protect and manage user data, but to also build the world’s largest network for our users to process, store,secure and manage their data. This vision is now a reality.
Axel will also be added to Probit exchange on September 26, and Trtt will be ready to host them as insta-node and cold node directy.
You can get more information about Axel project directly from the official website at https://axel.network.
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