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Trittium Investor Gets Hacked, around 1.75 Million TTRT Stolen

By Ronak_Sunara - 2019-04-18

On 25th March 2019, one Trittium investor was hacked of around 1,750,000 TRTT coins. The incident was reported to the Trittium team by the victim. In response to this, the team set up a contingency plan for the typical expected dump to avoid damage to the investors and minimize the panic dumping.
The hacker was expected to make quick sells of the coins setting the team’s contingency plan in action but on the contrary, the hacker decided not to dump in the fast movement. The hacker is holding the funds in CryptoBridge exchange account. Trittium team has the hacker’s first TRTT address and his CryptoBridge accounts (Links given below).
Hacker’s first TRTT address:
Hacker’s CB accounts:
Trittium ann
TRTT announcement
The hacker sold around 1,500,000 TTRT in the market which is the reason why the coin is dumping against BTC. The hacker now holds only around 278,000 TRTT of which 50K are already in the 3 different sell orders and 227,804 are being held as balance in his CryptoBridge account. CryptoBridge Exchange hasn’t locked the hacker’s account so far as it cannot take any actions against its users without any police/judgment order to support the action. The hacked person wishes to stay anonymous, therefore Trittium is also not able to proceed with any legal actions.
Trittium didn’t release this information early as it wanted to avoid panic sells (dumping) and also it had a contingency plan in place to take care of the situation. The team will continue to work as before and improve the platform. The coin price is expected to recover soon as the hacker presently holds less than 300K TRTT and therefore no significant price fluctuations are expected.
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