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Trittium launches loans internal tests to validate the TrttLoan platform upcoming release

By Rafał - 2020-06-24

Trittium is blockchain based crypto project with a wide diversity of services including the management of masternodes and loan services. Within TRTT ecosystem, both lenders and borrowers can benefit by using the TrttLoan platform directly; Lenders by earning interest on their latent cash and borrowers by getting cash-flow without having to part with their crypto assets. Following months of hard work from the core team, the announcement of the completion of TrttLoans has been made. In order to fully open it to the public in the near future, the project team made an announcement to find volunteers to carry out further tests on the platform during a period of about 15 days.

Once TrttLoans will be entirely available with all its features, borrowers will be able borrow up to 70% of their collateral. The funds will be held in a three-way multi-signature wallet ensuring a high-level of security. One key will be held by Trittium, the other by the borrower and the other by the lender. If the interest payments are paid or the value of collateral falls below the value of the loan. The collateral might be liquidated directly, and the lender paid back his loan.

Testing phase and requirements

The team recently shared the need to find 20 testers to do internal tests for 15 days, solving all the possible situations and platform issues that could occur. The requirements to join this testing phase are to have 20 USD value in Bitcoin, 20 USD value in ETH/USDT/PAX and some basic technical knowledge about how Ethereum network works. Furthermore, few TRTT tokens to pay the fees must be held on the platform. Trittium will cover all the money not recovered and fees expenses at the end of the testing.

More details about the loan solution and the project at https://trittium.cc/